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Since I moved to Deer Park, I've seen the City grow immensely. During my time on City Council, I've worked hard to continue this work, making our city an even greater place to live, work, and play for everyone...


From major road improvements to new housing developments, exciting investment in Chamberlin Park, and more, our City Council has worked diligently to bring in transformative new public and private investments; investments that will ultimately better the lives of all our neighbors.

Unfortunately, many residents still look outside their front doors after a rainy day and see flooded yards due to a lack of drainage. We still have roads and sidewalks in disrepair, forcing children, seniors, and residents with disabilities into oncoming traffic to pass obstructions. Some of our basic city services needs are still not being met. All this unsafe infrastructure is holding Deer Park back from being a truly walkable, safe, and welcoming community. 

To promote sustainable and equitable growth in Deer Park, we need to make changes. Our residents cannot be left behind. 

We must utilize the current budget more efficiently and effectively to provide quality basic services for residents while bringing in new investment to our city.

As an advocate, a public servant, and your neighbor, I’m running for re-election to live my values and better serve our community. 

Some of my values include...



  • Continued efforts to repair sidewalks, roadways, and curbs

  • Increased focus on pedestrian safety measures on major thoroughfares 

  • Investments in drainage improvements to address residential flooding issues



  • Creation of a publicly available, strategic plan and timeline for future road projects so residents can provide input

  • Meaningful expansion of advertising efforts for Deer Park’s sidewalk repair program that ensures homeowners can afford to repair their sidewalks


  • Revitalization of the Deer Park Historical Society 



  • Ease the financial burden on homeowners by exploring avenues to defray infrastructure improvement costs without raising taxes 

  • Expansion of improvements to Chamberlin Park, focusing on attracting retail and restaurant development along Blue Ash Rd. corridor

To read more about what I've done while representing Deer Park this term, click here

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